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    Best branch and related jobs at good place

    Which is the best branch in be they give best jobs in future and good place

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    Re: Best branch and related jobs at good place

    Dear Friend, Your question is not very clear, if you want to know how you get job notification then you should register in good job portals like http://www.naukri.com,www.timesjob.c...,www.shine.com etc You can also refer employment newspaper and national newspaper like times of india-Wednesday & hindustan times- Tuesday..All the best!!

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    Re: Best branch and related jobs at good place

    The question u asked, sounds to me like- which sort of car is best to drive.

    I all depends on ur interest, ur knowledge and the focus that u can put for a particular branch of engineering. I f u are good in computers, go for IT,CS or even ECE. Electrical and MEchanical are evergreen branches, but these require intense amount of hard-work and dedication because in these study really difficult subjects. I am not saying other branches are easy, but in other branches the concepts are not so wide as in EEE and ME.

    Take up that branch, in which u have interest. Now coming to the practicality, CS and IT students get jobs very easily, but u the initial package is not do high. On the other hand, u have do a lot of hard work for IN EE, ME and ECE. But in these if u get placed in good companies u can then have pleasures of life.

    So think before u take up any branch, and take a note of various factors like- todays market scenario, ur interset, packages, the clg u are taking admission in etc...

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