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    After graduation in Arts

    I am in 12th in arts i just want to know , after my graduation in arts which courses and jobs are available?

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    Re: After graduation in Arts

    hi if you have persuade arts then it doesnt mean that you have less number of opportunities to meet in future rather it entirely depends on your choice of subjects and your talent preferably..
    well i can suggest you a few courses you can opt after your 12th class..
    1. B.A maths hon.(if you have maths along with your arts)
    2.B.A economics hon(if have Eco along)
    3.B.A sociology hon.
    B.A philosophy hon.
    B.A English hons
    B./A program
    etc etc

    moreover different universities offer a slight varied course been merge with other subjects so called integrated courses..
    and to talk about the job prospective then don't worry you have numerous doors been open in front of you.. like you can go towards teaching , you can even go into the commercial sectors.. today one can easily witness the companies recruit on the basis your knowledge and skills..
    good luck!

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    Re: After graduation in Arts

    dear friend,

    After the 12th with arts you have a lots of opportunity to do the further any course and do the job in private and government sectors etc

    Courses after the 12th with arts are :

    1. Fashion designing
    2. Architecture
    3. Arts galary course
    4. PAinting course
    5. Tourism course
    6. Event management course
    7.Mass communication course
    8.Foreign language course
    9.Acting course
    10. Beautician coourse
    11.Dance course
    12. Entrepreneurship course
    13.Hotel management course
    14. Audio video visual course etc

    so these are some course in which you can apply according to interest

    Jobs after the 12th with arts :

    Railways department in non-technical field through the RBI entrance exam

    Bank department clerk job post

    Call center job post

    Arts galary job post

    Accountant post

    As a Guard job post in companies

    Police job post

    Indian Army as a solider post etc

    best of luck !

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